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Everything You Need to Know About Instant Water Heaters 

| thứ sáu Tháng tư 8, 2022

Picture this: You’re home from a long day at work, and all you want is a warm shower to help you unwind. You need it, and you need it now. Pronto. No waiting.  

In such situations, maybe what you need is an instant shower water heater for your bathroom! This tankless water heating device is definitely a must-have for those who cannot afford to spend time waiting for water to heat up, especially after a tiring day at work, or if you’re running late for an appointment.  

The best thing about tankless or instant water heaters is that it provides you with hot water just when you need it. This means that it only functions when you turn on your faucet or shower.  

Ever wondered how it works? Here’s how: 

1.) The process starts when you turn on the hot-water tap 

2.) Then, the flow sensor will sense water coming from the inlet 

3.) The flow sensor will trigger the heating element in the heating chamber to be heated up  

4.) When water flows through the heating chamber, it will be heated instantaneously 

5.) Heating will stop when the flow sensor detects that the water has stopped or when you turn the faucet off  

Just like any water heaters, you can adjust the temperature based on what you desire. However, do take into consideration that the incoming water flow rate may affect the outgoing water temperature. This means that the output temperature of the water may be higher if the incoming water pressure is low. The shower experience may also be affected by standard shower handles. 

For an enhanced showering experience, use shower handles that come with a multitude of spray modes such as mist spray, massage spray, or a combination of both and are made for low water pressure, such as the shower handle which comes with the Rheem Prestige Instant Water Heater. 

With regards to the installation, instant water heaters are normally hung on the walls of the bathroom and can be easily installed anytime. In some countries, instant water heaters can also serve as a booster for various appliances like dishwashers and washing machine or even for a solar water heating system. 

Just remember: when buying instant water heaters, look for one that comes with quality and additional features that can provide comfort, safety, and peace of mind. Rheem Instant Water Heaters are the perfect match for residential applications and has a variety of features that ensure quality hot shower time. Learn more about our water heaters here 

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