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Everything You Should Know About Storage Water Heaters  

| thứ sáu Tháng tư 8, 2022

A hot shower is always relaxing and rejuvenating, especially so after a long day at work. Storage water heaters can give you just what you need by adding another layer of comfort to provide you with an enhanced shower experience. But before we proceed further, what are storage water heaters? How do they work, and how can it enhance your shower experience? Let’s find out how: 

To begin with, storage water heaters are water heaters that has an in-built tank, where water is heated and stored at. Although bulkier in size, storage water heaters guarantee good water pressure, even with multiple uses simultaneously. With consistent water pressure, outgoing temperature of water remains constant too.  

Benefits of Storage Water Heaters 

1.)   Whether you prefer a cylindrical, boxed or cubed shaped storage water heaters, there are plenty of options out there in the market for you to choose from. Cylindrical storage water heaters are also available in both vertical and horizontal options. You’re definitely going to be spoiled for choices! 

2.)   Storage water heaters ensure that water pressure is never compromised and temperature remains constant no matter how many users there are simultaneously.  

3.)   Good quality storage water heaters, such as those produced by Rheem, are known to be extremely long-lasting and durable.  

Other factors for consideration: 

– Due to its in-built storage tanks, storage water heaters typically require more space for installation.  

– Hot water in the storage water heater, when left unused for days, tends to turn cold. If you’re in need of a hot shower, turn on the storage water heater for at least one hour first before you step in for your shower. After all, good stuff is worth waiting for! In the meantime, go sip on a cuppa’ first! 

Think storage water heater is the best fit for your home? Check out our wide array of storage water heaters at Rheem, a global manufacturer of high quality and innovative water heating products that are ideal for every home.  

To find out more about our range of storage water heaters, click here  

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