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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Heat Pump Water Heaters

| Thursday September 16, 2021

Things you didn’t know about heat pump water heaters

Are you a business owner looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to get large amount of hot water for your business? Well, you are at the right place as here we will tell you all about an efficient water heater, which is a heat pump water heater.

Doing the proper research before buying a water heater is quite crucial because it can save you from spending money on a wrong product. Also, there are several things that you might not know about a heat pump water heater. Therefore, to save some of your time (and obviously money), we have listed down seven things you didn’t know about the heat pump water heater.

1. How Heat Pump Water Heaters Work

Heat pump water heaters work quite like a refrigerator but with a reverse concept. 

In simple words, a refrigerator ejects heat from its storage box while a heat pump works the other way around by drawing heat from the surrounding through a compressor and then transferring it to a built-in storage tank to heat the water. Therefore the heat moves from one place to another in a convenient way.

Rheem thermal heat pump

2. Environmentally Friendly

Heat pump water heaters are considered eco-friendly water heaters as they use hot air in the surrounding environment to heat water. They do not require much electrical or gas energy to heat water, nor do they emit any harmful waste or toxins in the air.

3. Lower operating costs

As mentioned in the points above, water is being heated using hot air that is absorbed from the surroundings. This means that you do not require much electrical energy to heat water. Therefore, apart from being environment-friendly, these water pumps are highly cost-effective and lower your monthly operating cost.

4. Never Run out of Hot Water

While heat pump water heaters are designed to be environmentally friendly, it needs to fulfill its main objective: to provide you with hot water. On that note, many people wonder what if there are not much hot air in the surrounding. Does it mean that you will not have hot water?

Well, the opposite is true. While heat pump water heaters primarily use surrounding hot air to heat water, they also come with a back up heating system. In the event there are not much available hot air for absorption, water will still be heated using electricity. This means that you will still enjoy hot water even if there are not much hot air available.

5. Provides a Large Amount of Hot Water for Use

If your business involves having a swimming pool, and attracts people who wants to continue swimming in cold weathers or in winter season but couldn’t do so because of the cold water, then a heat pump water heater is the perfect fit for you. These heaters have the capability to heat a large amount of water for swimming pools. With their efficiency and functionality, they can heat up your pool, allowing you to continue operating your swimming complex or facility to continue serving your loyal customers.

6. Installation Location

As a business owner, you may have large and complex machineries installed at your business location. At times, these machineries may emit hot air as by-products. In such cases, a heat pump water heater would be an ideal water heating solution for your business.

This is because the heat pump water heaters can be installed in the same location as your other machineries. The heat pump water heater will then absorb the hot air by-products to heat water for your business use.

Rheem thermal hot water heat pump water heater

7. Size of Heat Pump

The size of heat pumps can range from 200L to 300L, but there are several factors that you should consider before selecting a size. The size of a heat pump depends upon the size of your business, and more importantly, how much hot water does your business require. In other words, an undersized or oversized water heater can work against you and cause you a wastage of thousands of dollars. Therefore, before getting a heat pump water heater, it is highly advisable to consult a professional installer so that he can guide you better on which size is best for your business.

Where to Buy a Heat Pump Water Heater?

There is no doubt that heat pump water heaters are great companions for your business, because investing in one can indeed make a difference in your business operations, and more importantly, your monthly bills. If you want to invest in good quality heat pump water heaters in Vietnam, you should buy it from Rheem, a heat pump water heater company that manufactures high-quality heat pump water heaters. They are one of the top-notch water heaters manufacturers with the aim to fulfill the demands of customers in an efficient way. To find out more about Rheem’s range of quality and durable heat pump water heaters, visit:

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