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Xwell Slim Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heater

  • Available in 20 and 30 Liter Storage Capacity
  • Exclusive RheemHot+™ Diffuser to provide more hot water for longer showers
  • Slim and sleek design, suitable for tight ceiling spaces
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  • New sleek and sophisticated curved-look design, with glossy and matte finishing
  • RheemGlas™ virtuous enamel glasslining coating on inner tank for added protection against corrosion to extend  lifespan of inner tank
  • Enjoy more hot water and longer showers with exclusive RheemHot™ Diffuser
  • Retain heat in inner tank longer and shorten heating time with RheemFoam™, a high-quality polyurethane foam
  • High quality RheemHD+™ sacrificial anode rod to provide additional protection for inner tank against corrosion, helping to ensure years of worry-free performance
  • Safety cut out in case of abnormal conditions to prevent scalding
  • Durable and long lasting incoloy heating element to provide you with hot showers for many years
  • Single weld line on the inner tank to reduce points of vulnerability and minimize of water leakage risk by over 67%
  • Pressure relief valve to prevent excessive build-up pressure in inner tank
  • Slim and sleek, designed to fit into tight ceiling spaces

    Capacity (Litres)2030
    Power (kW)2.5 - 2.9kW
    Voltage220-240V - 50/60Hz
    Max Working Temperature70°C
    Rated Pressure (kPa)800
    Ingress Protection (IP Rating)IP24
    Heating ElementIncoloy
    Dimension (mm)Height287330
    Weight (KG)1317

    10 Years for Tank

    2 Years for Parts

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